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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Choices

  • AARP Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are designed to help seniors get the medicine they need at affordable costs
  • Open Enrollment for AARP Medicare Drug Plans ends on December 7
  • Available Medicare Rx plans through AARP vary by ZIP Code

Taking care of your health is important at any age, but it’s even more so as you get a little older. Unfortunately, prescription drugs can often be unaffordable for the seniors that need them the most. That’s where AARP Medicare drug plans come in. These drug plans work in conjunction with Medicate to provide cost efficient medicines.

Plans do differ from one area to another, so you’ll want to check to see what Medicare prescription plans are available in your area. To check what Medicare plans you’re eligible for, just enter your ZIP code, and you’ll see a list of plans you can choose from. Using the UnitedHealthcare tools, you can check to see what medicines are covered under your Medicare drug plan, find out what doctors you can visit, and see how much money you have available to use. You can even enter the prescription names that you’re taking currently, and see if your new Medicare Rx plan will cover them.

Make sure that you have your enrollment for your AARP Medicare Drug plan by December 7, because that’s the end of open enrollment! If you don’t enroll by that date, you will not have coverage for next year.

Your AARP Medicare Drug plan is handled through UnitedHealthcare, so contact them with any questions you might have. You do not need to be a member of AARP to enroll in this Medicare Drug plan, but there are plenty of other benefits to joining AARP, so you’re encourage to if you’re eligible.

To contact UnitedHealthcare about your AARP Medicare Plan:

  • 1-877-699-5710


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