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If your credit score is not really in pristine shape, your choices for credit cards can be somewhat limited. However, that should not need you to be raked over the coal whilst you are rebuilding your credit rating, either. You will no doubt have received mails offering you unsecured credit cards but only to find out concerning the high fees (activation fees, monthly maintenance fees) once you read the fine prints. Please read this article to learn what one can expect with a Credit One card offer. Credit One Bank is held by Credit One Financial, which is itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sherman Financial Group. Credit One Bank is registered in Nevada and services around 2 million cardholders across the US.

As with most cards designed for people with bad credit, the Credit One card charges you for the privilege of re-building your credit. This is an ideal credit card for those looking to take the jump to unsecured ones from secured credit cards. Unlike many other cards in this category, Credit One doesn’t charge any monthly maintenance fees or one-time application fees. These are probably the important charges that can easily gorge up a chunk of your initial credit limit.

The interest rates and fees associated with your credit card will depend on your credibility. All they charge is a simple annual fee that can range between $35 and $99 for this card during the first year, depending on the credit limit you obtain. Credit One claims to give you an initial credit line in the range of $300 to $500. Another thing to note down is that from the second year onwards, one may be billed the annual fee on an annual basis or on a monthly basis. The APR is Variable (17.90%-23.90%)* and will depend on your credit history. Besides, it charges an 8% charge for cash advances, which is waived the first year.

One of the most appealing features of this card is its reward program. This is quite rare for cards in this sector. One will earn 1% cash back rewards for gasoline. These rewards are typically received in the form of a statement credit within the following month (it is essentially really a cash back program). Besides, it comes with some usual Visa benefits such as auto rental and travel insurance. The precise features and reward of this credit card are fully described in the terms and conditions of the card. You should review the terms in order to assure such features are still available when you apply for the card.

You can view all of the current Credit One cards offers and quickly compare card features, annual fees, interest rates and more to find the credit card that is right for you. If you are worried regarding the effects a denial could perhaps have on your credit score, you can take less than a minute online on Credit One’s website to see whether you are pre-qualified. Credit One states that its online process will inform you in less than a minute the type of credit card you are prequalified for before applying, and that this process will not affect your credit score. On the basis of its published prices, it seems as if Credit One accepts just about everyone, at least those willing to pay. Use the card wisely, and you could improve your credit without needing to make a security deposit with your credit issuer.


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