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  • 4nt6d2.com lets customers complete the application process for a Credit One credit card after they have received a notice in the mail or through e-mail
  • To finish a Credit One preapproval, customers will need to enter their Social Security number and their preapproval code and click the “Continue” button where they’re answer a few basic financial questions
  • Customers who have already submitted a Credit One preapproval can log on to check the status of their application in real time, and see how far their application is from receiving final approval from Credit One

The 4nt6d2 service is set up for customers who have been preapproved for a credit card from Credit One to proceed with their pre-approval application. A pre-approval from Credit One is an offer to apply for a credit card from Credit One based on a customer’s financial profile. Preapproval from Credit One doesn’t necessarily mean that a customer will receive final approval for a Credit One card. If a customer reapplies within 24 hours of their initial Credit One application, their first credit report will be used (after 24 hours, a new credit report will be obtained). A customer who has not received a pre-approval from Credit One can still apply to receive early qualification for a credit card by clicking on the appropriate link on the CO service.

More to Know About Credit One

With their corporate headquarters located in Las Vegas, NV Credit One Bank is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the United States, handling more than 6 million credit card holder accounts across the United States. Credit One Bank actually began in 1984 as a bank called First National Bank of Marin, which operated in San Rafael, California.

  • Credit One’s annual revenue is right at $374 million

To contact Credit One about pre approval for a credit card

  • 1 (877) 825-3242
  • 585 E Pilot Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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