Missouri Only Waggin’ Train & Canyon Creek Lawsuit (Missouri Dog Treat Class Action Settlement)

Missouri Only Waggin’ Train Class Action Settlement

  • The Nestle Purina PetCare Company and Waggin’ Train, LLC have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit revolving around  “worthless” dog treat products
  • Class members claim that Nestle Purina PetCare Company sold dog treats that were essentially not even good enough to be eaten by a dog (due to the treats be contaminated or defective)
  • Nestle is the manufacturer of the brand in question i.e. Waggin’ Train & Canyon Creek treats
  • The total settlement pool in the case is over $500,000
  • The deadline to file a claim in the case is set at 6/5/15
  • Each class member may claim up to $300.00
  • The case is in the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri

What consumers say about the Waggin’ Train & Canyon Creek treats?

“Ridiculous that it’s only in Missouri! I have 3 yorkies all under 4 lbs. & while we were out of state visiting family in the mountains I bought these treats for them. It nearly killed them! They all developed severe diarrhea.” – Ruby G via  Facebook

“I bought these treats for my dog and noticed a change instantly in his health. He got sick and my vet suggested switching treats. Was able to take him off of the treats in time before anything drastic happened. Still cost me a vet visit and a sick dog.” – christina caputo

Consumers claim that these dog jerky treats have led to the death of over 1000 dogs and many dogs fell ill to decreased activity, vomiting and violent diarrhea.

Any questions about the Missouri Dog Treat class action lawsuit can be directed to Missouri Dog Treat Settlement Claims Administrator, c/o Epiq Systems Inc., PO Box 4655, Portland, OR 97208-4655  or by phone at 1-888-236-0429.  The Missouri Only Waggin’ Train & Canyon Creek Lawsuit is open to legal resident of Missouri ONLY.  Pet treats made in China being bad for dogs is not new news as the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been warning consumers about the possible health hazards about pet treats made in China.