Making Chase Payments Easier Than A Sunday Morning

The popular Chase Freedom Card is a credit card offered by Chase Bank and is one of the most widely used cards in all of America.  Chase is also one of the leading financial institutions in America, which provides financial services to consumers, corporations, small businesses, institutions and government agencies. Chase Freedom Card holders can use the card for among others, accessing cash from ATM and making purchases at convenient stores (i.e. 7-11, Moto Marts), supermarkets (i.e. Aldi’s, Sams Club), outlets ( Bloomingdale’s  and online stores (i.e. Amazon, eBay).

However, one of the most notable uses of Chase Freedom Card is making payments. With the Online Bill Pay feature, card members can make payments to virtually anyone – from paying for utilities to credit card payments, mortgages, parking passes, concert tickets e.t.c..

How to make an online payment?

  • Login to the members Chase account online (new members will have to register for this FREE service)
  • Go to “My Accounts” page and click on the “Payments & Transfers” tab
  • Click on the “Add a Payee” tab to set up the person/company you are sending money to
  • On the “Search Payee” tab enter the name of the payee , zip code and account number and then click next to search for that payee. Select the desired person or company from the matched payee and then click next to go to verification page
  • On the verification page, ensure that the payee information you have entered is correct
  • Click on “Add Payee” to start making payments with your card

Customers who follow the above instructions will find making a Chase card payment is easier than a Sunday morning.  Please note however when using Chase Freedom Card to make payments, it is advisable for customers to schedule repeating payments as this action will ensure that all the payments are paid on time, which helps to prevent pesky late fees.

Why make a payment online?

  • Convenience – card holders can use the card to pay credit card bills, mortgage, loans, rent, electricity, utilities and various other payments
  • Quick turn around time (customers can usually expect online payments to be completed in 48 hours or less)
  • ITS FREE (no further fees will be applied to the customer’s account)
  • Chase customer will not be responsible for tracking payment as the program will record 13 months of payment history