Garbage Man vs Media Career?

Choosing a career path can be a tough decision, and you have weigh your options extensively before settling on what you want to do with your life. So, if you eventually decide that you want to be hated by the general public, the media would be the way to go! Media coverage acts as a catalyst for spreading fear in society.

Their job is to let you know who got murdered, and when, and how many people were beaten by cops, and what Brad Pitt had for lunch. You may think I sound like a conspiracy theorizing, anti- government nut by say that, but there is an actual saying in journalism : “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Now, if you decide that you would like to do some good in your community, and not be loathed by an entire region of the country, then why not become a garbage man? People love garbage men, for one main reason: they get to ride on the back of a truck. But another reason they are liked, is because they are really taking one for the team! These guys are taking away your used napkins, your broken housewares, your credit card information, and that thing that you found in the fridge that started talking one day! And they do it without complaint. They are just happy to be keeping the streets a cleaner place!
Important side note to consider: You don’t have to go to college to become a garbage man. I just saved you thousands of dollars. You’re welcome!

So in the end, just ask yourself one question: what do you want that shower to represent after a long day? Do you want to be washing off actual dirt, or do you want to be scrubbing off the shame? Just so you know, shame never completely goes away.