Fry Cook or Local News Anchor – A Heated Career Debate

Would you rather be a fry cook or a local news anchor? At first glance the latter probably seems like the best choice right? All the glamour, fame and excitement of reporting scandals involving neighbors you knew were sketchy the moment all the stray cats started gathering on their front lawn really puts a spin on things. These are the makings of a good job , or are they? You might be surprised to know that the fry cooks of the world could be enjoying their professions a lot more than you think.

Right off the bat, you don’t need a higher education. This means no study loans to pay back, seeing as news anchors typically have to be educated in journalism, it’s a mountain news anchors have to scale before even dreaming about appearing on television. As for the fry cook, chances are when they walk into a fast-food kitchen with a high school diploma they are over-qualified. Just to be clear, even though the qualification requirements are relatively low it doesn’t say anything about the person working there. Some of the most successful people in the world were fry cooks at some point.

Then there is the element of stable shifts. It’s much easier building a happy personal life with a job that has a set schedule. Stability isn’t something you get as a news anchor. In fact, you have to be covering stories all day long. Whether it’s 3 o’clock on a Sunday morning or during the 6 o’clock soap operas, you have to be available. If you are 5 minutes late then you’re out of the game. This brings us neatly to 2 of the biggest reasons why fry cooks have it better, namely stress and responsibility.

Let’s face it, how much stress does cooking fries really entail? To be completely honest, it can be so relaxing that it feels very mundane. You don’t have to deal with all kinds of irritating people when working in a kitchen and you don’t run the risk of getting your head blown off while taking the next order. News anchors have been killed, arrested and held hostage by terrorists. How many fry cooks died at work that you know of?

Just look at Sponge Bob Squarepants for example. He spends the whole day flipping burgers and he’s the happiest creature under the sea. A fry cook doesn’t have to be paranoid that several other people desperately want the same job or that clients are going to pay special attention to their physical features as they wait for their food to be made. When you look at the bigger picture, fry cooks are much better off and will probably live longer.