Best Uses for Yogurt

Yogurt is more than just a tasty snack. Eating yogurt has many health benefits and is one of the primary ways to get your daily dose of good bacteria called probiotics. It is also a great source of protein and calcium. Eating yogurt for breakfast is a healthy choice to start the day. Making healthy choices at the beginning of your day can lead to healthier diet and exercise choices later. It’s possible to eat yogurt straight out of the container, but easy to take this simple yet versatile food and elevate it. Because of the vast amount of flavors, types, and functions, yogurt can be used for a variety of things.

1) Healthy Alternative to Frozen Desserts
Making your own frozen yogurt is a simple, single step to having a nice summer treat or healthier alternative dessert. A lot of yogurt brands have developed bountiful flavors that can taste like dessert while also being healthy. The only step is putting it in the freezer. For another frozen yogurt refreshment, incorporating it into a smoothie or workout beverage will make it drinkable and result in a creamier product. Skipping the excess sugar, fat, and calories in ice cream and replacing it with low fat yogurt will satisfy a sweet tooth without affecting your body negatively.

2) Balanced Breakfast Bowl
A parfait or yogurt bowl is a creative way to consume the health benefits of yogurt while adding even more healthy ingredients for a balanced breakfast or snack. By adding fruit and granola, the yogurt can be supplemented by extra fiber, protein, and vitamins. This can be a great pre or post workout meal to give you energy or replenish the body. Even if you do not plan to exercise, a well-balanced breakfast gives energy for the rest of the day. Because of the vast majority of flavors, many people opt for eating their yogurt straight from the container without any extra elements. You can choose brands like Yoplait 100 ways from whipped to custard, Greek, or original.

3) External Beauty Benefits
There are also other uses for yogurt that help your body without consuming it. Yogurt can be used as a face or hair mask, or on the skin for soothing effects. It has oral benefits by whitening teeth and helping with canker sores. These external benefits of yogurt are boosted when it is also consumed. Once eaten, it can help regulate the digestive system, which helps the body in many ways. It has even been linked to weight loss and obtaining flat abs.

There are many brands of yogurt that can be the base of your next healthy meal or do-it-yourself beauty project. Looking at Yoplait 100 ways in the dairy aisle of a grocery store could at first be intimidating, but having choices in variety can specify what you decide to make with it based on what health benefit or craving you are having. Something to look for when choosing the healthiest option of yogurt is the fat and sugar content. You can find full fat, reduced fat, and fat and suger free yogurts. There are even options made with milk alternatives like almond, soy, coconut, or cashew if you have a lactose sensitivity.

Starting from the inside out is a good way to develop a healthier lifestyle. By consuming needed probiotics, vitamins, and minerals daily, the immune system can be boosted and overall health will improve. Luckily, introducing yogurt into your diet is a tasty and easy way to begin the journey of staying healthy.